About Us

About Us

Tom Densmore
Tom DensmoreArea Director
Occasionally calls square dances
Spends way too much time and money building things for his grandchildren
Flies radio controlled planes, but less now after almost losing two fingers to one
Designs and 3D prints cookie cutters and stencils for his wife’s cookie business
Krista Aders
Krista AdersExecutive Producer
Proud mom of four boys – two humans, one dog and one cat
Avid boater and loves to spend summer days with family enjoying Lake of the Ozarks
“Don’t yell, don’t scream, don’t be one of THOSE parents” – Words she tells herself before every football game and wrestling match
Laura Beasley
Laura BeasleyExecutive Producer
Michigan born and lover of Motown
Loves creating custom greeting cards with photos for her family.
Has a tradition of using a beloved toy dog as a Christmas tree topper
Believer in “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Joshua Cox
Joshua CoxProducer
Child Halloween costume-maker extraordinaire
One of six brothers
Second best cup of Authentic Indian Chai in his neighborhood
Struggles with making lists and talking about himself
Lydia Forth
Lydia ForthProducer
Amateur singer
Avid downhill snow skier
Passionate Academy Awards fan
Doesn’t consume caffeine and hasn’t for over a year
Believes there are two types of movies: good movies and super hero movies
William Newman
William NewmanProducer
Believed to be a doppelganger of Michael Fassbender from X-Men
Advocate for introverts and is a lapsed minimalist
Current member of the Movember Mustache club
Keeper of multiple microbial pets (not living in the mustache)
Kristin Noyes
Kristin NoyesProducer
Will write your screenplay for wine or coffee
Aspiring elderly gardener
Rusty millennial appeal
Fluent in corporate lingo, with other natural flavors
Beyoncé is her queen
Alicia Ontiveros
Alicia OntiverosProducer
Owns over four dozen vintage hats
Considers pets to be children
Recovering antique hoarder
Whistles while she works
#1 GOAT competitive spirit
Destin Wintz
Destin WintzProducer
Equine enthusiast
Obsessed with small kitchen appliances
Lived in Germany until the age of 5
Disney trivia champion
Avid “Googler” – Fact checking is her favorite pastime


Simple Values

Integrity. At Q Creative, that means doing what we say we’ll do…at the price we say we will. When you work with us, we set expectations upfront so there are no surprises or hidden costs down the road. It sounds simple, but it’s a valuable step that’s often overlooked.

Our team is committed to innovation and creativity. We are always looking to create a new experience for your audience.

Lydia Forth, Producer